I'm an industrial designer from Jerusalem, Israel, who also do photography, graphic design, DJing, writing, toys inventing, entrepreneurship and recently curation. During the last years my works have been exhibited in tens of different exhibitions, festivals and public events - in Israel and abroad - and were published in various design and photography magazines, such as Domus, Designboom, Design Wanted, Design Milk, Inhabitat, Core77, Axis, IDEAT and more.

I hold both bachelor and master degrees in industrial design from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem; I’m a graduate of the Keter Plastic's "d-Vision" internship program; a former research associate in the EU's DESURBS security project, and a former lecturer and teacher in both Shenkar College and Bezalel external studies units. Currently I manage the Hansen FabLab in Hansen House, Jerusalem, and consult several government offices.

As a freelancer I mainly do product design works, prototyping, electronics (Arduino platform, IoT solutions and such) and simple mechanisms. I also do a bit of graphic design (logos, UX/UI), special events and studio photography, and consulting for inventors and entrepreneurs in the field of retailing.  In complex projects I often collaborate with my dad - Izchak Zobel - who is a brilliant electronic engineer, handyman and partner. 

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  • TBA -“Disposable Exhibition”, Vitrina Gallery, Holon.

Exhibitions, Festivals and Public Events


  • TBA - The Museum of Islamic Art, Beersheba.


  • TBA - Djanogly Visual Arts Center, Jerusalem.

  • “VELTIFERET…” - Benyamini Ceramics Center, Tel-Aviv.

  • “The Common Thread - Gardeners” - “Garden of Eden”, DESIGNART TOKYO, Tokyo.

  • “Jerusalem - Self Portrait”, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem.

  • “The Common Thread” - JDW 2019, Hansen House, Jerusalem.

  • American International Toy Fair, NYC.

  • Nuremberg Toy Fair, Nuremberg, Germany.

  • London Toy Fair, London.


  • “Hanukalaim”, the old city of Jerusalem.

  • “Terracotta Rave”, Benyamini Ceramics Center, Tel-Aviv.

  • The Jerusalem Light Festival, Jerusalem.

  • "The Matchmaker"- JDW 2018, Hansen House, Jerusalem.

  • Nuremberg Toy Fair, Nuremberg, Germany.


  • "Spinning", Hansen House, Jerusalem.

  • "Couple", Hansen House, Jerusalem.

  • "Metabolism", the Museum for Islamic Art, Jerusalem.

  • "Southern Light" Light Festival, Beersheba.

  • The Jerusalem Light Festival, Jerusalem.

  • "Autarkic Studio" - JDW 2017, Hansen House, Jeruslaem.


  • "Non Contagious Exhibition", Hansen House, Jerusalem.


  • "De-Tech", Hansen House, Jerusalem.

  • "OOPS", Hansen House, Jerusalem.


  • Up(to)Date, Binyamini House, Tel Aviv.


  • Up(to)Date, Hansen House, Jerusalem.

  • The Jerusalem Light Festival, Jerusalem.


  • Tokyo Design Week, Tokyo, Japan.


  • Under Repair, Bezalel Gallery, Tel Aviv.

  • Nuremberg Toy Fair, Nuremberg, Germany.


  • SaloneSatellite, Milano, Italy.


  • The Jerusalem Light Festival, Jerusalem.