Various Logos ('13-'18)

Escapism - Montage ('09)

Art for a Wedding Party ('13)

HEVREMAN Poster Presentation ('08)

Pindaloo package - Jugglers edition ('16)

Representation of Hope ('09)

Art for a Line of Techno Parties ('09)

The Hopeless Bunch - Dark Comic strip ('09)

Art for a Housewarming Party ('12)

The Giving Tree - An Alternative Ending ('09)

Graphical OCD ('05)

Graphical Kleptomania ('05)

Art for a collectible toy and game ('14)

Abstract sketch for mobile playground ('09)

UX/UI of an interactive video game presented in Bloomfield Science Museum, Jeruslaem (‘18)

Sketch of KLONAS tent-pole lamp (‘18)

Graphic demonstration of a driver-sensing feature in next-generation cars (‘11)

A tribute gift to Prof. Arie Kurzweil, who taught Engineering graphics and Sheet Folding for more than 50 years (‘18)

Art for A Birthday Party ('11)

Kunigunda - Character Development (‘09)